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        1. The company has achieved ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification; ISO14001-2004 environmental management system certification;
          Beijing Chengyu Specialty Chemical Co., Ltd. Beijing Chengyu Specialty Chemical Co., Ltd. English
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          ADD:Shilou Town, Fangshan District, Beijing
          Indole and its derivatives
          Quinoline and its derivatives
          Imidazole and its derivatives
          Functional Materials
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          Products name CAS Rn Chemical structure Order
          B203 Tetrahydroquinaldine 1780-19-4四氫-2-甲基喹啉 Order
          B001 635-46-1四氫喹啉 Order
          B201 Quinaldine 91-63-4 2-甲基喹啉 Order
          B803 3-Ethyl-8-methoxyquinoline 112955-03-0 3-乙基-8-甲氧基喹啉 Order
          B305 3-Ethylquinoline 1873-54-7 3-乙基喹啉 Order
          B302 3-Quinolinecarbonitrile 34846-64-5 3-氰喹啉 Order
          B301 3-Bromoquinoline 5332-24-1 3-溴喹啉 Order
          B304 3-Methylquinoline 612-58-8 3-甲基喹啉 Order
          B802 3-Methylquinoline-8-sulfonyl chloride 74863-82-4 3-甲基喹啉-8-磺酰氯 Order
          B403 Quinoline-4-carboxylic acid 486-74-8 4-喹啉甲酸 Order

          21 Records 123

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